July 19th, 2007

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My job is paying for my classes. As of July 31st I will have been here one year. Hard to believe, huh. If I stay till August 1st, that will be the longest I have worked anywhere (excluding my synagogue, 3 hrs a weekish).

This fall I'm taking health, online oceanography (possibly), and european history.

In the spring, HEBREW! And they're paying for that too. So I can spy on the Israelis that visit. BUAHAHA. They don't offer Hebrew at TCC, and I'm excited about dual enrolling at FSU. Then I can finally switch my facebook from UF (I was too embarrassed to put TCC, oy)

I win.

Vivi should take it as a compliment that I'm posting this. It means I am proud to have beaten a very worthy opponent

You know, normally I win Scrabble, but I attribute this to my intense Scrabble family's background. Vivi has that background, and for longer. SO I attribute this win to the fact I had the Z, J, Q and X.

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Ramah called all worried and...

Matthew, I'm going to need you to post the Ben story.

In other news, I filed for homestead tax exemption, got two energy saving light bulbs, and can have up to $500 worth of insulation put in my attic if I need it. Thank you, City of Tallahassee!

I also ate my fantasmic orzo leftovers and helped my aunt look for an apartment.

Next week my parents dog Kelev is coming over here for a trial visit. I have to talk to my sister, but she may end up coming to live over here. The dog, not the sister.

And I had icecream for lunch.

All in all a good day.