July 16th, 2007

hat and glasses

Boring sunglasses talk

I wish I had the face to wear big sunglasses. In all honesty, I wouldn't really want to. But I wish that I could, just cause.

The jury is still out on whether I trade Looking Good in a Hat for Looking Good in Big Sunglasses.

I think my issue is that I would need a more square shaped face. Most people who look good in big sunglasses (hi, Paris Hilton) have square shaped faces. Whereas people with heart shaped faces (like myself, Britney Spears) don't look so good in them. We look better in more square-ish, smaller sunglasses.

This came up at the flea market yesterday when I tried on Hideousness, in sunglasses form.

This is quite possibly the most boring post ever.

Back to the classics.

I have just decided that Judy Garland is going to be my icon for cocktail dresses. This means I need to go shopping.

And if you missed it, I'm in love with Dick Van Dyke. The Mary Poppins/Chitty Chitty Bang Bang version of him, anyway.

Tonight, HP5 and then home for intense Scrabble and good food.
Tomorrow, grilling salmon, and making spinach and red pepper spicy orzo.