June 7th, 2007


Life is sweet

I get a dresser and a cabinet tonight
I get a coffee table and night stands tomorrow
I pick up my computer/desk from my old apt tomorrow
I get a hot tub tomorrow
I get my new credit report from Privacy Guard on Saturday
Triple dinner date at my new house Saturday night

Oh, and I'm awesome yet continuously confused.

Why does this keep happening to me?

Voice Post:

281K 1:26
281K 1:26
“Hi everyone, I just bought a solid oak dresser & a solid oak night stand sort of thing for $100.00. It seems that I'm awesome & I got it from a guy that I'm positive I know from somewhere. I think he might be Jewish, you know how all Jews know each other & he never told me his name so yeah... I guess I'll never know. That's gonna bug me for at least you know, the next 5 mins so I'm on my way to my parents house to pick up my dog, because tab Capelouto came this morning to spray her pets so I didn't want Padfoot at that time, because he would not only be in the way, but I didn't want him breathing in the fumes of whatever they spray. So Padfoot is at my parents house, & now he's on his way back, or he will be soon, & then I will stay for dinner, but I am very not hungry because we had a huge lunch at my work today. They had a big barbecue, hamburgers, hot dogs for everybody, because we had a meeting sort of thing, because we got some very interesting news, but anyway, I'm not gonna tell you about that, cause I'm not sure I should tell people yet. Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna hang up now & I will talk to you guys later & I need to figure out a better way to end phone post.”

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The dresser and nighstand I just bought.

It's bigger than it looks.

I feel sick. I really really REALLY hate the smell of chicken being cooked in an oven. I don't know what it is, but it makes me want to puke. And that's on normal days. Today, after my huge lunch, it's twice as bad.

Then add in the fact that I'm apparently only allowed to have five ringtones from Verizon. How am I going to get Makes Me Wonder?