June 5th, 2007

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I left at 6:50 this morning and got to work at 6:56. Seriously, I am loving
the lack of the 30 minute commute I used to make every morning.

However, I decided for whatever reason that my favorite morning DJs, John
and Tammy, just don't cut it for me anymore. I no longer like Lex and Terry
either. Anyone know of a good morning show and/or a station that plays
continuous [good] music in the mornings from 6:45-7?

I had actually intended to leave earlier, but I'm having Collapse )

Jon's really impressed with the way the house is coming together, and last
night I took a look around, imagining it how it used to be, and I'm
impressed with myself, too. It looks 300 times better. I'm loving the
colors. I'm loving how my furniture goes with it. I'm loving the wine glass
rack I installed.

My cement was poured yesterday. I wrote my name in it and put a (slight
impression of a) handprint in it. Made my mark! It should be dry by this
afternoon, but my hot tub won't be here till either Thursday or Friday.

I went by there yesterday to officially apply for my financing/loan. At the
beginning, when I got there, I was all inwardly cocky that my credit rocked
and that I didn't have to worry about getting approved. As it took longer
and longer I started to worry that my credit was a fluke. Turns out it just
takes a long time, and I was fine. So now I'll have one more bill to worry
about, but hopefully the stress of having so many bills will be alleviated
by my new hot tub ;)

Today I'm buying a dresser. I guess I'm hoping to borrow my dad's van to put
it in, but I didn't think about that until just now. Crud. Maybe I'll go
pick it out and pay for it and then go pick it up when I go to get my desk.

Okay, I have to work now.
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rain rain, go away

Man. I did too much of that rain dance. I know we needed rain, and BADLY,
but sheesh. I really really REALLY hope my cement is okay.

Rain, Rain, go away...

The geese are back from yesterday. They're trying to seek shelter underneath
trees and cars. They're cute until they honk for an hour, and then they're
just annoying. Here they are from yesterday, back when the sky wasn't black
and the air wasn't full of WET:

In other news, there are many hurricane preparedness classes coming up soon
for those who would like to attend. These are VERY helpful in helping you
get ready for the season. Here is a hurricane preparedness
It will also help you, but I still recommend the class.