June 3rd, 2007


Voice Post:

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““___ & other things mostly on pack. I still have to do clothes stuff in my bedroom. I didn't bring any of my hangers from my old apartment & I need a new dresser-- but other than that, oh & I have to get mine desk & my computer from my old apartment. Other than that I have everything here & the I just need to clean up the old place. This place looks great, it's look fantastic & very proud of myself, installed a wine glass back today & they got myself new bedding & I've just, I've been working over the time for the past many many many weeks-- like I've working 10 hr a day at work & then I come home & then I work for hrs then hrs here still and I'm very stressed with the crazy but everything is done. I've spend to much money recently, I honestly feel like, well I have a couple more things to buy. I was thinking about Walmart to get some, that's how bad this is right now. That's how bad it is that I'm Melissa Avrams and I'm thinking about going to Walmart. I'm not going to but I thought about it & it's freaking me out. I'll probably on my way to Target in a minute, but anyway I'm gonna post this publically to see if they are auto - transcribed for me & I don't even have my computer hooked up here. . Bye. See you kids later”

Transcribed by: thisgirliknow