June 1st, 2007

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hmm, maybe if I try posting from e-mail?

I survived the LJ mini-blackout of 07. And strikethrough '07.

Yes, I am definitely still alive.

And almost done painting! (thank you tally_cat and yellowducks231

Time line:

Friday afternoon: paint a little bit?
Friday evening: Barbershop show!
Friday late night: books into plastic bags, a little more packing for me
Saturday morning 8 am: get truck
Saturday morning 9 am: friends meet me here to pack the truck
Saturday afternoon 4 pm: truck due back
Saturday afternoon: people come help unpack.
Sunday: get the rest of the "stuff" out of my apartment

Tuesday: cement gets poured!
Wednesday: hot tub delivery!

Thursday June 7th through June 15: clean apartment, buy new bedding for new
queen bed, buy new bedding for full bed for guest room, shop Goodwill for a
nicer dining room table & chairs, and barstools

a day between June 15 - June 30: 'painting the sunroom' party -- I need all
of your help!

SAVE THE DATE for my housewarming/hot tub/cook-out party June 30.
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My update journal page doesn't work, but apparently now I can read my
friends page (which I couldn't do all morning), and apparently I can update
via e-mail.

That last post was supposed to be posted last night, but LJ has been so
sucky and tempermental these past few days that apparently it didn't go

Can we blame all of this on Six Apart? Pretty please?

And Brad... PLEASE come back from vacation. Livejournal needs you. Badly.
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(no subject)

I miss my "Melissa" ring. I got lost mid-06, and I had been wearing it since
my 20th birthday in late 04. I don't blame the wearer, and it was a complete
accident... but I really miss it sometimes. I wonder where it is.

When I die, these are the things I want to know. Where my ring is. What that
song was. What would have happened IF.