May 31st, 2007



There is an exciting turn of events tonight as Universal Studios and the people behind Harry Potter announced that there will in fact be a Harry Potter type theme park at Universal Studios (Islands of Adventure) in Orlando, Florida. This announcement confirms the rumors that have persisted for some time; now this is to be fact with the park due to open in 2010.

Hosted by production designer Stuart Craig in a special webcast for various sites including TLC, among the details revealed are:

This new theme park will include facets such as a Hogsmeade section, the Forbidden Forest, and even Hogwarts Castle where you will actually be able to walk inside a replication of the beloved castle.

J.K. Rowling is described as having been "very involved" in the creating and planning of this park since the begining.

There will be many types of rides some "intense", shopping, and more

A "British" environment is to be maintained, including the food served, and mannerisms of the staff.

The park is aimed at fans of both the movies and books, geared for fans of ages or as they said " 7 to 67"

Will incorporate elements of all the Harry Potter novels, books one through seven.