May 21st, 2007


May 21, the day is here

In August of 1988, my parents bought the house that we grew up in, and still own. I don't have very many memories of the house we lived in before that (I was 3) but I have very distinct memories of the day we moved in.

Firstly, and obviously most importantly standing out in my mind, we were allowed soda. This was a very rare occurence, possibly my first time being allowed soda.

Secondly, we had a picnic, with a blanket, out on our deck. There are pictures of me with my cute pixie haircut eating a sandwich. It's really quite cute :)

So today, after my 4 pm closing, my mommy will be bringing over picnic foods for dinner, for us to eat at my NEW HOUSE!!!

And then I'm celebrating again around 8:30ish :)

I am so excited! Okay, not so much for the picnic, but for MY NEW HOUSE. Aaaaaaaaah!