May 3rd, 2007


not kidding about the goat

One of the reasons that I said "I want to buy a house!" was so I could get a goat. It's been sort of an ongoing joke for many years now that I've always wanted to have a pygmy goat. My homeowners restrictive covenant doesn't allow for it, but would they know/care?

Goats are supercute
friend for Padfoot
conversation piece
awesome friend/pet
goat cheese. oh baby. only if it's pregnant or has a kid. no thanks.

I have never ever taken care of a goat or any other livestock
goats chew things. I think.
cost of food?

I'm dead serious and I want opinions.

This page mentions that you should get two so they have a friend. I wonder if Padfoot counts as a friend, or if dogs/goats don't speak the same language, so they can't hang.