March 27th, 2007


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This morning was scary. It started out per usual, waking up, taking a shower... However, I guess my shower was just too hot or something, and I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. I gave myself a mental slap on the wrist, and continued to start my day. Soon after getting dressed, I started feeling really hot and broke into a sweat. I turned on my AC, walked into my kitchen and poured myself some ginger ale to settle my stomach, and then suddenly got a wave of dizziness, and needed to sit down for several minutes before being able to get up and get to my car to come to work. It was really all very scary. Does anyone know what this could have been caused by? Too hot of a shower? Or what? I didn't eat very much yesterday but it's not like I was fainting from lack of food.

A few sips of ginger ale and probably less than 3 minutes later I was perfectly well and fine.

Only three days left until I get to see my grown-up three-year old niece, Kalina!
Oh yeah, and also Matthew, Naomi, Vivi, and Alan (though I'm not quite sure which days Alan is coming)

I got my desired way and we will of course NOT be spending Passover with family friends that my older siblings don't even know. I can't believe my mother was going to give up all our crazy Pesach traditions just because we were invited somewhere else. uh, NO THANKS. I can't believe VIVI was going to go along with it. I was upset at the idea of this and I'd be really upset if we went over there for a Passover seder, so we compromised and we'll be going over to their house next Friday during Pesach. Which I don't mind at all.

We never ended up making a Passover Haggadah supplemental to the best Haggadah ever, Maxwell House. We always talk about making a parody or over emphasizing our favorite parts (who knoweth fourteen? dip the gerbil in the salt water! I am, like, *valley girl laugh* a man of seventy years of age! mountains like rams, hills like lambs!)

Pesach will be good for the "low carb" thing. Heh.