February 28th, 2007


(no subject)

*Stacy's pesto and sundried tomato baked pita chips rule. How did I let these sit in my cabinet for so long?

*I have had the undeniable urge to type "ilu" lately. I've gone through with it once, and was a bit disgusted with myself, because the only acronym I like to use EVER is "brb." I wonder where the "ilu" thing is coming from.

*I still have Stats homework to do, and there's a quiz tonight. Luckily it doesn't matter at all how I do on the quiz, because I have no idea how to calculate the least regression line. There are only two quizzes left and the two lowest quiz grades are dropped. My other quiz grades average out to be a nice 105%. So as long as I learn how to do this before the next test (3/14) I'm good.

*No EduTech due for two weeks cause of spring break. So I'm all caught up and planning to get ahead during break so I don't have to do work late on Monday nights anymore.

*Did my taxes last night. I made something slightly over $16K last year. Not that bad, considering that almost 2/3 of the year I was making below the poverty level. The IRS already accepted my forms, as I found out in an e-mail sent at 5 something this morning. So in a week or so, I'm going to take my refund, stick it in my ING savings so I don't spend it, watch it grow a whole dollar or so, and then, assuming Stacy [not the same Stacy of the pita chips] hasn't already moved, buy a plane ticket. Vegas, baby!

*La da da