February 25th, 2007



Ron (tboneblue) and I are apparently no longer LJ friends. Because I'm spiteful. Muahahhaha! While I'm sad that this signifies an end to our friendship, it was silly to try to be friends after we broke up anyway-- because we really have nothing in common. So yes, I'm sad, but I'm thinking it's for the best. Anyone else want to take me off their friends list because I'm spiteful? Go for it. You can assume that I won't be apologizing for my thoughts and opinions. And while I do try to be diplomatic when the situation allows, I still like to speak my mind. And I will continue to do just that.

My parents are up in Atlanta helping my aunt move this very moment. My uncle Frank and my older sister are both there helping too. The very earliest they would get back is 6, but I'm thinking it'll probably be closer to midnight.

Yesterday was a very very very long day with lots of vicodin, sleeping, thinking, and hobbling. My foot feels much much better, but when the medicine wears off it hurts muchly again. I'm doing a fantastic job of not complaining to people in person, but on here I just want to let it all out and say OWWWWWWW. I also owe a huge apology and explanation to notyou32 but I'll do that in person, too.

And now Stats. Probably at least five hours of it. I should get on that. ::watches a piece of lint fall:: ...what?