January 29th, 2007

dobby sock

I just found this

From a poem war in late summer 03:

Melissa, my friend, I must make a confession,
It seems you and I have had this obsession,
With reading books of a magical nature,
Full of all sorts of mystical creatures,
However, this fancy will soon have to stop,
Before we end up trying to fly on a mop
Oh, it may seem innocent, it may seem demure,
But soon this addiction will have gotten us for sure!
On my bedstand right now, one has only to look,
To see that recently I spent thirty bucks on a book!

-- anditut

Friends list

I wrote an entry several years ago listing my friends and how I knew them. My friends list has since changed a TON and I'm going to try it again.

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Also, I made a friends-cut. I don't think anyone will be surprised. It was mainly if we weren't really friends to begin with, or if we never read/commented on each other's entries.

About half my entries are public, still, so feel free to keep me on your list.

Pretty in Pink

One more post this morning, and then I promise I'll stop for awhile. Maybe.

I'm attending Pretty in Pink, a benefit to help Sharsheret, an organization to help young Jewish women fighting breast cancer. Two of the girls at Shomrei Torah are doing this for their Bat Mitzvah project, and have gotten tons of support from the community. It should be a pretty amazing event. My mom bought a table in memory of my grandmother, who had breast cancer, and there will also be somebody modelling in her memory in the show. It should be nice and emotional, and also makes me feel very Charlotte York. I'm happy to support causes, especially ones that are so near and dear.

It's Thursday night at 7:45 at the Elks Club. Information on how to purchase a seat/table can be found here.

Scary FBI security clearance guy is here. And he isn't wearing black today! OR sunglasses.