January 25th, 2007



I got my Statistics quiz back. 100.
I took the first three quizzes in Educational Technology. 100. 96. 96.
I forgot how fun it was to go to school. And by "go to school" I mean "compete and win."
sara and melissa hp

Okay, real update time.

An adorable picture of Kalina, a quick school update and now a real post of sorts.

Last night after class I went to meet Adam, Andy, and Sara at Sahara. I got there a little bit early with the undeniable urge to pee (am I snob if I won't pee at TCC?) so I went in and said I had a reservation there for 8:45, and would they please point me to their bathroom. When I walked out, the two servers pointed me to the table they had set up for us, so I went ahead and sat down, and waited. And waited. I texted Sara that "this place is ador" and she texted back, "you're not even here." Well, I was. Turns out they were all waiting outside for me. Whoops.

Dinner went well. Sara and I exchanged presents. Unfortunately I had left her Christmas present at home, so I bought her her birthday present in between work and school, and gave her that. She gave me my birthday present and my Chanukah present, too. For my birthday, I got an awesome bag that I am going to dub my new "beach bag," The Judgment of Caesar (the newest book in the Roma Sub Rosa series by Steven Saylor -- if you're a classics freak and haven't read these, you should), and another book that I shall not go into detail on. For Chanukah, a porcelain Kermit in a tux. I won't go into detail on what I got Sara, but it's similar to what I got anditut for her 21st. Cough.

The food was awesome. Too bad I wasn't really feeling hungry (I was eating cashews at work all day long). So I ate my salad and brought the rest back home. You'd think I loved leftovers, the way I've been acting. This isn't even some "Make Adam think I'm dainty" scheme, I just haven't been all that hungry.

The evening ended a mere hour after it started, considering the sleep that is needed to function. We left the restaurant at 10 and I was asleep by 11. SCORE! Doesn't mean that it doesn't suck having the alarm go off at 5:30, but it's a lot more manageable when I have more sleep.

And on an entirely different note, not even relating to the bad weather outside...
When it rains, it pours.
picture post

picture posts and icons

I joined flickr again, so I could have more options in uploading phone pictures to LJ. Plus now I won't get all that stupid verbage before the picture, which they show tiny of course anyway. I miss airblogging.

I also need a new icon for picture posting. This one is a bit outdated. Straight hair and bangs? That's so 2005. I just made a new icon for tcc and one for me and adam. I've got one I made awhile ago that I'm going to start using for TT.

I want to emulate lasunshine for her icons. It's like she uploads a new icon specifically for each post that directly relates. And I suppose thats what matters anyway, because that's when people see it. It's awesome. I, on the otherhand, go back and apply icons to stuff no one is ever going to look at. Kind of stupid.

I am sick of my default icon. If anyone feels like making me an icon that says "DEFAULT (this means I don't care enough to pick out something specific)" -- or something of that genre, then go for it.

I love livejournal. It's like this big warm fuzzy bear that lets me get out my feelings. PLUS it lets me escape from boredom (viz. right now). And I love my livejournal friends, none of whom have complained to me about the insane number of posts I've written since this morning. So either you decided to ignore it all, or you get major props for reading.

Gosh I'm bored.

I've been eating nuts at work. Full of good fats and intense protein, without having to kill an innocent (or not so innocent) animal. Not that I'd ever stop eating chicken. Oh, the peril. Fish has to stay too. But anyway, the nuts. Oh yes. Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews, pecans, almonds... mmm. And now I'm daydreaming again.

And abusing ludens throat drops. When this started, my throat hurt. promise.