January 10th, 2007


Discreetly discrete

My (famous) brother has helped me out with the Count being discreet/discrete

[Enter Sesame Street Count, dressed in standard costume plus heavy gold chain necklaces. Strikes a pose.]

I'm the Count, showing up discrete and discreet
Play the numbers old school, cause I come from the 'Street.

from my one eye glass to my two feet on the floor.
If I give you till Three, better run for the door.
I'm better than live, 'cause I kick it Undead
You mess with the Count, you get a bat to the head.

My 'hood is my castle and I know every block.
Got my rhythm and my music on the keyboard I rock
I got Continental style, savoir-faire you can see
Ain't no discount, ain't no recount, no accounting for me.

All my ladies are Tens, 'cause they're looking so fine.
I always get their digits and they always want mine.
Keep it right and tight, in the dark of the night
Bring the lightning and the thunder make em feel alright.

Count Zero,
and out.

Myers Briggs

I've certainly changed since high school. There isn't a single person who would dispute that. I mean, EVERYONE "changes" but I "CHANGED." In the words of Bruce Screws, my freshman year at UF, "you're more normal, now" -- Perhaps I'm not more normal, but I'm definitely several things that I was not back in the old Godby days.

I used to be an INFP-- strongly. That's how I was in high school, when I originally took the Myers-Briggs test. And it fit. I had no qualms with seeing myself as an INFP.

One of the things that has changed is that I've become much more outgoing. Talkative. Confident. Certainly not in some situations, but I've jumped yards overall. Thinking I had certainly flipped to an "E," I retook the Myers-Briggs test again last year, and although I was less "introverted" than I had been the first time, it was still largely on the "I" side of things.

Now, I'm on the border of I/E and on P/J. I saw the "E" thing coming. I did NOT see the "J" as being possible at all. I suppose it makes sense though. Perceiving/Judging was once explained to me in flower terms. "A 'P' wants flowers, and wants to buy flowers for their significant other. A 'J' realizes they will die quickly, and would rather show their affection in ways that don't rot" -- I think those were the exact words from Dr. J, the guy who came to talk to us about the Myers-Briggs personality typing back in 11th grade Gifted Studies. He was right. Back then, I liked flowers. Now, flowers are stupid. I wouldn't even want to grow them in my garden, because they aren't useful. I'd rather grow basil.

Currently, with my new borderline letters, I could be considered a:


Reading the description of an ENFP makes me lean towards believing that I am that type. Thoughts?

Twice in just over two months...

...is how many times I have gotten pulled over recently.

The first time, I got a speeding ticket. It was November 8th. I was late for work, and I was, in fact, speeding (a very rare occurance indeed).

The second time was today, a mere two months and two days later, on an errand for work. It is claimed that I ran a red light, but to me it was still seemingly orange. I suppose police officers have no distinction of a light being "orange," and being that cops have nothing better to do, he pulled me over. Luckily, he didn't write me a traffic citation, though he took my license and registration which made me assume he would. It would have been $180, as he told me several times. Considering that school has left me something bordering on broke, I'm awfully glad to not have yet another thing to pay. I think that's the end of orange lights for me.