January 9th, 2007

bobby melissa sara beach


Congratulations to my Florida boys. Seriously. You were the underdogs, and you came out on top. WAY on top.

I have major bragging rights. Especially to Bobby. But I shall keep myself under control. After all, FSU won their "bowl" game too, heehee.

Is it really only 1:41?

My head hurts. I want to lie down and sleep, but that's not an option. One of the hazards of having one of these job-things.

In good news, I got my way! With a little tweaking of the system, I can continue in my Educational Technology class, even though I'm not in that major. I've already finished the first several assignments, and don't have anything due till the 29th.

There's a guy here (at work) detailing cars. He said that if Kia and I got 10 people to sign up, he'd wash our cars for free. I'm hoping he'll vacuum too (or instead), if I beg. Padfoot hair is all over the place.

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