January 8th, 2007


Eugenics? Or simply education.

I think I may have scared someone in a conversation we were having about eugenics. I don't want to scare people here, too, but opinions are good and nice.

I am not saying that I think that we should sterilize the people who a certain group deem unworthy of reproduction. I'm merely saying that there are extreme instances in which case the option should exist, and even in those cases, that it is not *my* right to choose for someone to be sterile.

It's more that I think classes should be available, and in some instances required, in order to have children. Obviously the logistics would need to be worked out.

At Orange Avenue Community Center, and at Magnolia Terrace, there are mandatory classes that the tenants must attend in order to be able to live at those housing projects. They can pick and choose which classes to go to as long as they fulfill a minimum requirement. It seems fair. Very cheap housing, a safe community center where your children can play, and all you have to do is listen to a couple lectures a month, about things you may not have been previously taught while growing up.

It's amazing how much of our country's stupidity is because of a lack of available education.

Should there be a minimum IQ, standard political test, or other form of weeding out the unknowledgeable, in order to vote?