December 22nd, 2006

looking up

Visa Extras and other financial stuff.

I don't use my Wachovia checkcard anymore than I did in the past, and I'm getting rewards. Visa Extras rocks. For those of you who have it... what should I do with my 10,000 points? Right now the temptation is to wait another month or so and get the $25 giftcard to target with 11,500 points, simply because I love Target. But if I do that I'll likely end up buying toothpaste and toilet paper. So what should I get that actually seems like a *reward*? If they had Lowe's I'd be so on that so I could have $75 instead of $50 towards Padfoot's new patio pet door. But they don't. Maybe I'll just keep saving points till I get a huge gift certificate somewhere.

Any thoughts?

Also, I either got a raise or they gave me my bonus early. I'm inclined to think it's the latter, considering that people probably like their boni in time for Christmas. Either way, the extra money is appreciated. I am not looking forward to paying for classes. Booooooo.
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Mad at Verizon

I spent four hours at Verizon this morning, because they took away my mp3 player when they upgraded the software on my phone this past Tuesday (the upgrade was done because my PIX-FLIX messaging wasn't working because the phone wasn't picking up the Verizon network, it was picking up Alltel).

Everything's all fixed, but I lost a bunch of stuff. I have a new phone (same model). I'm sad. And their Customer care was not very nice to me on the phone. The took away my mp3 player, acted like it was my fault (what? I should have known they'd take away my features?), I spent four hours getting it fixed (being told to come back abut every twenty minutes) and then they offered me... 100 bonus minutes this month! Yeah, I don't care. I argued with them and got VCAST and Mobile Web instead. But still, I'm awfully pissed.

If you have a Samsung a950 (see user icon), DO NOT UPGRADE your software. Verizon has decided to no longer support the mp3 player in their new software versions, it will get WIPED OFF YOUR PHONE. They are doing this to discourage outside mp3 use, so everyone will have to use VCAST songs.

Ugh. stupid stupid Verizon.