December 12th, 2006


general update

I've been going through all kinds of craziness. Taking over a job until a replacement can be found, applying for a new job, being involved in office politics, running around like crazy trying to please everyone. It's all very tiresome. And they made me go to Wal*Mart this morning. WAL*MART. Ew.

I'll post Holiday Christmas Party pictures as soon as someone (cough, jdcarter1932) uploads them. I saw them on his camera screen but I'm excited to see the full versions. I looked pretty :) And then I put Santa's jacket on. You can see a picture of that on my facebook profile..

Other than work stuff, let's see...
  • Getting ready for school next semester.
  • Not wanting to spend money I set aside for Chanukah presents on schooling.
  • Hoping for a raise /new position.
  • Volunteering tonight at the Family Literacy program at Wesson Elementary.
  • Excited to see my siblings over Chanukah.
  • Still unsure about the Kerr & Downs job.
  • Feeling fairly content with life.