October 31st, 2006


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There is a solid with triangular prism of fixed volume and a regular tetrahedron at each end.The surface area is given by A(x)= 3sqr3/2(x^2+16/x), where x is the length of each side of the tetrahedron.
Find the value of x so that the solid has a minimum surface area.
Thanks in advance.
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Halloween memories

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My strongest Halloween memory was probably '92 or '93. Deborah was there, but young. I was a princess, Vivi was a smiley face, Matthew was a mad scientist. Mom was a witch of course, and had probably previously mixed the green food coloring into her moisturizer, and applied it liberally to get a scary green tint. Some years, she would also construct a wart somehow, for the tip of her nose.

As stated by Matthew, costumes must be homemade or put together from clothing/costumes previously had. We like to believe this isn't only because our parents were cheap.

We have a picture from that year, with the Thompsons. I guess we all went out, and then Indira was late, so Vivi took the two of us out again. The three of us were standing on Croydon, between Myrick and Augusta, contemplating the witch in the grey stone house below, and more specifically, what she did with children on Halloween, when suddenly, the streetlamp went out. I think I screamed. I remember this Halloween specifically being in October (not like they all aren't) but people kept saying "it's cold for October" or something like that. I do remember it was pretty chilly outside. I think that that was the year that Indira went as a "teenager" and wore her hair in a ponytail on the side.

The next year, Rolos were introduced into the world, and for several years after that, Indira and I remembered one specific house as "The Rolo House." We also dubbed a house the "gummy life saver house" but I think that one used to change every year, as we forgot which one it was, and pretended that we hadn't.

As for The Sorting Of The Candy, it was a complicated process, constantly striving for improvement through my trick-or-treating years (which started before I can remember, and stopped at age 17 in 2001).

Bags (skittles and m&ms) all went together, neatly placed, layered. I was very OCD about the bags. They had to look like perfectly fallen over dominoes. These would go on the left. Next to them, the candy bars. By brand first and then by size. Boxes of Dots and Milk Duds went together. Lollipops were arranged in a circle, with the sticks pointing in. Dum-dums and Tootsie Roll pops each got their own circle. Foil-covered chocolate all went together. Smarties, Spree, and other fruity candies were arranged together. All the tootsie rolls and Mary Janes, along with licorice and other 'undesirables' were pushed off to the side to trade/give to mom. Chocolate that had to be given away was always the smallest size, and generally Milky Ways. I've never liked Milky Ways. I remember that tootsie rolls don't count as chocolate in the walk-by tithe (mother got to collect 1/10th of our candy), and I still think mom actually does like those nasty Mary Janes. I also remember pretending to really like smarties so that way I could trade Vivi my smarties for good candy (snickers and skittles) instead of getting cheated. I think my siblings liked to cheat me.
Like Vivi said, apples must be thrown away, because they might have razor blades inside. This also goes for any candy that is opened the tiniest bit. Hershey's kisses with a little bit of brown chocolate showing at the top were sure to be poisoned. I "hated" candy corn until no one could see me and I'd eat it at night underneath the sheets. I still secretly like it.

I'd eat most of my candy within the first couple days. Then of course, I'd feel sick. Mom would keep my candy in tupperware on top of the refrigerator, but I had my ways. Indira would have hers past Christmas. She'd eat about two pieces a week.

I remember dad wearing the gorilla mask, and I think I remember the murderer mask as well, but never at the same time and I don't think it was even Halloween. Probably some random Tuesday that I happened have friends over and he happened to be Dad. I also remember Dad "pretending not to recognize us" through many years of us coming to our house at the end of our trip around the block.

Tell me some of your Halloween memories!