October 9th, 2006

latin queen band dork by sara

the receipt of goods

After a seemingly harmless joke about a murderer hanging out in my trunk, I'm now very cautious in getting into my car when it's dark outside. Luckily with my keyless entry, I can unlock the car and turn on the lights inside before I actually open the door. I blame my paranoia entirely on Sean. We were leaving The Wharf and while driving, we noticed that my trunk was slightly open-- and I hadn't opened it. So he made up some story about a murderer. By the time we got back to my apartment, I was fairly freaked out by it and made him look in my trunk to make sure there was no one in there. Of course, there wasn't, but now that he put the idea in my head, I fully expect to find someone.

The weather is fantastic. Fan.Tas.Tic.

Deborah and I went shopping. And I mean *shopping*

I bought... five dressy shirts for work, two camisoles, a t-shirt, a pair of jeans, a pair of nice gray slacks, two rings, and a "Voldemort Returns" bag that I gave to Sara-- but kept the HP ipod case and dark mark flashlight. Tons of sales. I felt very frugal and fabulous. New clothes were much needed, rationalized by the fact that my old ones were falling off of me.

I noticed that I never really go in my living room, so in an effort to make it more homey, I rearranged some stuff. I brought out my TV, and with it my nintendos. I moved the wooden bench outside. I still need to put sealant on it, but it was just sitting in my living room, so I moved it. I moved the papasan chair to where the wooden bench was, so it wouldn't feel closed off. I also (with Deb's help) moved the sofa down a little bit. I also switched the side of the living room where I keep my instruments (guitar, banjo, flute, piccolo).

With the TV gone from my bedroom, I put my favorite mirror above my dresser, and put up the other two pictures (man holding a torah and a print of Dali's melting clocks). It's really starting to feel like home. :)

Yesterday evening there was a "dinner and a movie" thing at the synagogue. Deb and I went late, as we had been playing Jeopardy and lost track of time, and then we ate salad (we had had chinese food a few hours earlier at the mall, and the pizza they had looked gross anyway), and then... well, then the Synagogue Pervert (can we call him that? can that be official?) came up and tickled/squeezed/felt up Deborah... so we left. The movie looked stupid and we had been contemplating leaving anyway, but at this point, we were out of there.

Sara had called, so I called her back and she came over to a) steal some grilled cheese, and b) play Jeopardy. This time we played the N64 version instead of the 8-bit version, and it made me feel very stupid. Even with the question setting on "easy" we weren't doing very well at all. Oh, well. We drove Deb to Publix so my mom and dad could pick her up on their way home from the synagogue, and then Sara and I went back and finished our game. I didn't even get to play Final Jeopardy (since I was at -$400), but I knew the answer for Sara, and she finished with a whole.. $3000? wooo!

This is the longest amount of time I haven't seen Sean since we started dating. It's been about 48 hours now. There hasn't been any specific reason, we were just both really busy.

Oh! and Friday night TOVAH ASHER came to the synagogue. Must facebook David and Lessa about it!

foods not to eat:
E. Coli (fresh) spinach
E. Coli ground beef
E. Coli lettuce
botulism carrot juice
chicken nugget toes

bagel present :)

I ate a bagel this morning around 10 or so.

Dominique, the Quality Vending guy, just came to fill up our machines and stuff, and on his way out he brought me a bagel (he knew I like bagels because one morning I asked if he could put some in there). Awww. Seriously, how sweet is that? Embezzlement, perhaps, but sweet.

So I'm eating another bagel. Couldn't let it go to waste. Couldn't give it away (it was a present!). Had to eat it.

lasunshine tagged me.

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

6 Random Things about thisgirliknow

-I have three pairs of un-lost sunglasses at all times. I keep two pairs in my purse and one in my car. If I lose a pair, I buy a new one. I also never spend more than a dollar on sunglasses.
-I really dislike foods that are sweet when they aren't supposed to be. This includes everything from breakfast food (syrup on pancakes is disgusting to me, as is sweet cereal) to sweet potatoes.
-I lock my car doors twice. Once when I'm getting out, and once with the keyless entry. I'm not paranoid or anything, I just like the noise.
- I never look at myself when walking past a mirror into my bathroom. I always wait till afterwards.
- I have weird teeth-brushing issues. I never want to see it, hear it, watch it, or have anyone else see me, hear me, watch me. I also don't like watching myself brush my teeth. I still do it three times a day. (and that IS a paranoia issue, I hate the idea of losing my teeth)
- If I'm driving, I'm either on the phone calling someone or listening to the radio. If I forget my phone I will reach for it several times before realizing I don't have it. I'll forget and then do it again, within a minute.

I tag: lizblizz, chapstickqueen, xmellyx, pandora48sch, anditut, schnamara,a nd katiethewriter And yes, I know that's seven.