September 22nd, 2006


Fridays rock.

This morning I actually remembered that I didn't have to come in till 8. An hour less of overtime, but the sleep was nice. When I left my house, it wasn't even pitch dark! That's exciting for me. Plus I'm wearing jeans, which is always exciting. I dropped Padfoot off at my parents house on the way to work. I'm going to be over there right after dinner, and then I have services. In fact, he's staying there all weekend, because I'm pretty much going to be at services... all weekend. Not that I'm complaining.

Rosh Hashanah starts tonight. I've got stuff I need to repent about, definitely. Most of my stuff is now person-to-G-d, and not so much person-to-person, though I do still need to talk to Indira.

My calves hurt like mad. I overdid myself on my exercise bike a few days ago. My rule is that I only get to watch TV when I'm on the bike, and there was an hour and a half worth of shows I wanted to see (which is odd for me anyway)-- add that plus the high level of intensity I like to do it on, and you get sore legs. Sore, firm, toned legs. So worth it.

I'm grinning.
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