September 19th, 2006

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Is today National Talk Like a Pirate Day or something? If not, what's with the Livejournal homepage? If you scroll over the weird picture (which I originally thought looked like a soap dispenser), it says, "Arrrgggh, matey....livejournal." Pirate ships and soap dispensers have never looked so similar. Frank the Goat is also in costume.

It's hard to type. Not a guitar problem anymore, but because I cut my finger when I was trying to cut a bagel this morning. So now I've got a nice little huge fingertip bandage that totally hinders my left hand's middle finger.

I might have a date on Thursday. It's a very gray area. I'll let you know afterwards whether it was a date or not. I should be able to assess the datiness of the situation by then. What makes something a date? Romantic intent? merely calling it a date?

I had a thoroughly disturbing yet very nice dream.

ADDENDUM: Update "captain's log?" wtf. Yeah, today must be pirate something.
chicken nugget toes

Car news

Victoria, my claims adjuster, just called. Collapse )

Basically, she got all the information from Walker. She prints the check today, it gets sent out tomorrow. She's going to call Walker Body Shop to let them know that they can go ahead and order the parts. They should call me by Friday, so I can make arrangements for my rental car from Enterprise for Monday, and then I'll drop off my car Monday morning. I'm excited about my rental. Rental cars are fun. And new. And smell new. And are possibly bright red. I've always wanted to temporarily drive a bright red car.

The rental car is pretty much the only reason I'm deciding to get my car fixed and not just keep the $639. My car doesn't look *that* bad, and $639 is a lot of money to me... but if they are renting me a car while mine is in the shop, plus they are fixing damage that the guy didn't even cause, that I did when I bumped into a pole... I might as well get it fixed, right? Right. Plus now my car will be gawjus.

ADDENDUM: Spoken with Walker and Enterprise. Will drop my car off at 11 on Monday. Enterprise will pick me up. My options a Kia Rio or a Dodge Neon, depending on what they have in. If I get stuck with a Kia, I'll upgrade, pay $4 a day, and get a Corolla or Sentra. I drove in a Rio once before (Saturn kept my car overnight and I needed a car, so they rented me one from AVIS that my mother drove, since AVIS doesn't rent to people under 25) and HATED it. Of course, the car was nastydirtygross, so it may have not been the brand or anything. Eveyrthing is taken care of. Now I just wait till Monday.