September 17th, 2006


I'm home!

My USY meeting went very well. I was complimented by several parents on my organization and planning for the next year. The kids seemed to be having fun, too. Not as many parents showed up as I would have liked, but I still collected dues from about 5 members. There were eight people at the meeting today, and three others that definitely plan on joining but couldn't be there today. Plus there are a ton of kids I'm still trying to get interested. Tonight at the board meeting they are bringing up the discussion of my salary. Woohoo MONEY! I'd actually probably do this even if it were a volunteer position, but don't tell the board.

I'm frustrated with my guitar. I will not blame it on him, because he helped me immensely, but I think my friend David, who works at Music Masters in the guitar shop, may have told me how to put in the strings backwards. Right now I have the low E at the top, and that really doesn't seem right to me. I strum with my right hand, right? I'm at ground zero when it comes to guitar knowledge. But, they are all perfectly in tune, so that's fun. Yay for having good pitch. I checked myself online and yeah. Truth is, I rock. That will come in handy if I need to take out all the strings and switch them all around. Le sigh.

I think that the higher pitches should be on top, but that's just me I guess.

Also, wow. My fingers are all crying out in pain. I need to build up some calluses.

I'm apprehensive about this afternoon.