September 15th, 2006


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Ron accidentally dropped my ipod many months ago, and it died a short and simple death. Since then, Ron has been overly apologetic. Shortly afterwards, he bought me a TransFlash card & reader so I could have music on my phone, and just recently he ordered an iPod for me, as well as a transmitter/charger for my car. Apparently he's going to bring it by on Sunday. Which will be the first time I've seen him since July 26. Yow.

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Sara and I went to see Mrs. Gaskin today. Last year when I saw her she said we should do a ten year reunion. So, over the past year, I've tried to find many of the people from our middle school gifted class.

here's our 8th grade class picture

Bolded are the ones who I have contact information for
from L-R
David Kidd, - on facebook, student at TCC
Barry Kincl - in town? Sara saw at Village Inn or Steak and Shake
Ryan Graham - still have an e-mail from when I saw him in 02
Jazmyn Alston - have contact info, works at Home Depot, grad school at FSU
Henry Kirsch - Aras said he still existed. Must find contact info
Steven Langley - have contact info
Shakira Mack - went to FSU? can find contact info through jazmyn
Stephen Jones - goes to sabrina's church, can find contact info
David Roberts - supposedly back in town according to Steven, goes by middle name?
Amanda Wade - on facebook, Georgia Tech
Sean Kirwin - ????
Carla McClellan - have contact info
Trey Vause - went to TCC?
Becky Scott - on facebook, USF
Melissa Abrams - me. I can find me.
Sara Hartsfield - yeah, I can find her too.
Aras Aziz - him, too.
Ms. Gaskin - teaches at Griffin, saw her this afternoon.
Michael Casey - on facebook

Not pictured:
James Hamilton (only Griffin for 6th grade) - works at Killearn Publix
Derek Little (homeschooled in 8th grade) - moved to Cairo in 10th grade - ???
Katey Gammon (only at Griffin for 7th grade) - on facebook, Auburn University
Carnella Trimble (left after 7th) - ?????