August 28th, 2006


Weekend recap

No internet at my apartment still-- Comcast should be coming out today between 5-9. Sorry to all those whose e-mails I didn't answer.

This morning my alarm went off at 5:45. It was extremely loud and across the room, so rather than letting it play (as I would have living alone) or pressing snooze (I knew it'd go off again) I decided to turn it off and have my phone wake me up at 6. Minor problem-- my phone was set to go off at 9:30, not 6. Sooo I fell back asleep and at 8:30 my phone rang-- it was work, obviously, making sure I was okay. I got here pretty quickly. Out of my place in 16 minutes, and here in 20 after that. Still, I feel really terrible about being late for work. I desperately need to change the location of my alarm clock closer to my bed so it can be a softer noise, and I'll be able to get to it more quickly.

The Weekend

Friday afternoon I went with my dad to pick up my new sofa. $80, good condition, hideaway bed. It's light brown, and it's kind of corduroy-ish. I like it muchly. We had to leave it in the van overnight because there was no possible way that the two of us could have gotten it up the stairs at Castle alone.

Friday night, services. It was a special night for two reasons. One, a girl that I used to teach is moving to Israel for a year, and two, we had candidates for local office there. My father left because of the candidates, saying that they didn't belong in the shul for services. I somewhat agree, but not enough to leave. My desire to go to services coupled with my desire to talk to to the candidates made me stay. After the service I accosted Jackie Pons and spoke to him-- for the upcoming election, Superintendent is one of the ones that I care about the most. Another candidate for Superintendent was there, Patricia Sunday. I was NOT a fan of her. Anyway, I spoke with Pons for quite awhile, asking about an incident that happened at Godby my 9th grade year (when he was an Asst. Principal), and generally asking about his view/platform, etc. He seemed to be fairly impressed with my questions, and answered them dutifully. My one complaint is that he stood too close to me. Maybe because it was loud, maybe he's just one of those people who infringes on your personal space. Either way, I feel fairly confident that he's a good guy and will make a good superintendent. Sara, he asked me to ask you to e-mail him.


I woke up fairly early, got ready, and my dad and I went to U-Haul to pick up my truck. We brought it back home, and spent the next almost two hours carrying everything that had been stored in my parents rec room into the truck. With my mother's organizational skills, we fit it all in fairly nicely, drove the truck to the new place, and my friend Craig helped us carry everything up-- including the super-heavy sleeper sofa. My washer and dryer came, which my parents very nicely paid for, and they left to get me a bed while Craig and I organized my books and set up my computer. Then we set up my awesome new bed -- which the parents also paid for-- and then Craig left. My parents left fairly soon afterwards, and I spent the next couple hours taking a bath and putting more stuff away. I'm pretty much unpacked except for my closet. I need to get rid of a bunch of knick-knacky type things, or atleast put them in a bin and ship them off to my parents house. As much as I'd like to keep flowers that I caught at Matthew's wedding, or Mr. Wonderful the doll, or the green alien I got at National Latin in Tulane... I don't really need to keep them with me, you know? I also (and I hate to say this) need to get rid of several purses.

Bobby was supposed to come over at 5 when he got off Chiefs, and he called shortly before then, and he very nicely picked up Sabrina and Cohen on his way over to my new place. The four (three and a half?) of us hung out for awhile, played with Sab's new camcorder, got digital footage of Bobby falling out of my desk chair (I've got to upload that onto youtube or something), and just talked. Decided to go out to dinner since we were all hungry and I hadn't eaten all day. Apparently Sab and Bobby are not the people to go to dinner with if you want to throw peanuts at old people, though by the end of the meal Sabrina was all for it-- the old people had shot her some nasty looks when Cohen got slightly fussy. They came back to my house, Sabrina's friend Jay came over to pick her up, the four of us played Battle of the Sexes (the boys won), and then Sab and Jay went home, and Bobby left a few minutes later. 10:30 on a Saturday night, and that seemed late. I would have stayed up longer if SOMEBODY wasn't a LIAR, but whatever ;)


Woke up fairly early, and watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason before I had to go to Sunday School. I was about to leave and almost on my way out the door when Seana showed up with her parents to move in more of her stuff. I said hello and had some quick, polite conversations, and then headed off to the synagogue, where I am teaching the Hebrew Gimel class. Everything seemed.. fairly disorganized. They didn't know exactly who was going to be in my class, what books I needed to use, etc. So, I spent the class session going over the letters, simple words, and then reading a book -- a very simple story that uses basic vocabulary. I had the kids take turns, line by line. I've only got four kids, but they are going to be a handful. Two are sweet, one is the only boy and can get very annoying to the three girls, and one is a know-it-all, to put it simply. She did this little, "Oh, come ON" whenever anyone stumbled with a word or didn't know it's meaning. To be fair, she's definitely the best reader and she's extremely smart, but she wasn't giving anyone else a chance! I'm definitely going to have to institute some rules. I promised them a game for Wednesday. I'm going to have to do Jeopardy or something. Hopefully my (real, class) books will come in soon, too. Textbooks, but also I've ordered a book I used with a class several years ago called "Shiri the Llama" -- it's a simple Hebrew book that will have them work on their reading skills while learning more vocabulary. I think the kids would much rather read a real book with a story than read nonsense words.

Andi, the Sunday School director, still doesn't know who I am. We worked together at Camp Shalom for several years, my mother is her boss (she's the Education VP), my little sister goes to her Sunday School, and she's met me many many times. When I was looking for the closet for books, she came up to me and said, "You're doing a good job Aniko." I turned around and said, "I'm not Aniko" and she was like, "Oh Heather!... Stephanie... What's your last name?" "Abrams" "Oh, what's your first name?" "Melissa." "Oh, so you're an aide?" "No" "What are you doing here?" "I'm a teacher." "Oh." Geez lady, get your people and DEFINITELY get your teachers right. This is not the first time she's mistaken me for Aniko. To be fair, Aniko and I are about the same height, approximately the same build, same coloring, and have very very similar hair. She's about 8 years younger than me, though, and you'd think Andi would be able to tell the difference. If not tell it was me, then she should be able to recognize Aniko, considering that they've worked together every Sunday and Wednesday of this last year.

After Sunday School, I went to Publix. My mom was still doing stuff at the synagogue, so Deb came along with me, and my mom met us there. I thought I was spending so much money, but it ended up being only $130ish. I bought a ton of stuff, and now I feel like I atleast have some food. Apparently Publix whole-grain bread is 25 cents this week (?!?), so I ended up buying three loaves. Not that I have room in my freezer to put them so they won't go bad, but whatever. I also bought challah, because I couldn't help myself. Too bad it's not nearly as good when it's not really fresh. I have too much bread. A ton of food in general, really. Between all the heavy lifting from moving and then carrying up a gazillion groceries, you can bet I'm all sore.

After shopping, I relaxed for awhile, read a book, and then went over to Sab's for her barbeque. I was happy to learn that it was only 8 miles away, if I take Capital Circle. She burned me a dvd of the footage from Saturday, and I hung out with her, Cohen, Ken, and their friend Jay, who is staying with them for awhile. We ate, although I was not very hungry at all (I had a big lunch), and then Sab and I went out to Bennigan's for drinks. She needed to get away from the crying baby (he has colic), and I was all too happy to spend some time with just Sabrina. When we got back, Sab and Ken were going to go play pool while Jay watched the baby for awhile, and he invited me to stay to hang out and watch the kid with him, but I declined, as it was already 10:30 or so, and I'm lame and had to go to bed.

I went to sleep fairly early, probably a bit after eleven, so I really shouldn't have slept in this morning as I did. Ugh, I feel so bad about that. Yes, it happens, but it shouldn't happen to me!

Congratulations if you got through the whole entry. I'm impressed.