August 23rd, 2006

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Moving plans

Energy is currently my limiting reagent. Time next, and then money.


I rented a U-Haul for Saturday. One trip is so so so much easier than going back and forth so many times with the van and two cars. No having to put furniture on top of the van, no having to squish in tightly packed boxes into the diagonal-across-the-van bookshelf. Just me and my seventeen foot U-Haul, to insure one trip. An hour of loading, probably two hours of unloading. Much better than the three-day process of when I moved out.

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With the situation I spoke about before... You know, the "You think you know people" entry: I have no idea what I'm going to do. No idea. I'm still trying to sort out the whole thing, but at the same time not even really wanting to talk or think about it, which could turn into total apathy.

Other than that whole whatever-it-is, Life is Beautiful! (Oh gosh, speaking of beautiful, Deb and I watched the beginning of Titanic last night and I fell for Jack Dawson all over again WOW)
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I can see how Ron got so obsessed with his budget. Google Spreadsheets (or budgeting in general) is very addictive. So far I've only done through January 2007, because around then, things are going to change drastically (an almost definite raise, Seana moving out, etc).

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