August 17th, 2006


Interview from silicon_jesus

1) What is growing up with siblings like? Do you think you would be the same if you hadn't had siblings?
I definitely wouldn't have been the same, not at all. I have been influenced greatly by my siblings in many ways, and also treated differently by my parents as a third out of four than I would have been had I been an only child. I think I would have been less competitive, but more outspoken. As for growing up, my siblings and I are spaced fairly far apart (currently we are 29, 27, 21, and 14) so it's not like my parents dressed us alike or anything, and it wasn't like having a sibling that was your best friend. Instead, my older siblings were role models, people to get hand-me-down clothes from, and people to learn from (and people to freak your friends out at sleepovers). My younger sister, although she is almost eight years younger than I am, hopefully got the same role modely stuff from me.

2) So what drives you? What are you passionate about?
I'm still stuck on the whole literacy thing. It's terrible to me that some people cannot do what most of us think is a basic human action, reading. Whether it's reading a sign that says "danger! chemicals" or a good book, or a job application, I think it's a skill that we need to try harder to push, and close the poverty gap. Other things I'm passionate about? Being a good person. Being a good mother (which I obviously am not yet).

3) What kinds of qualities do you look for in friends?
Ooh, weird question. I like it. I don't know. This will be particularly hard to answer since so many of my friends read this journal. I'd say in GENERAL, I look for someone to share ideas with, and to have fun with. To share ideas with someone, you generally need to look for people with similar interests (like Harry Potter, board games, Latin, Music). To have fun with someone, you just have to have fun doing the same things, I guess, and that may or may not include the previously-mentioned interests. On a deeper note, I tend to make friends with people who need an emotional confidant, or people who are having trouble in their lives (or were, at the time that the friendship was made). I don't know if it's a desire to help people or if I'm just good to talk to about problems, but it seems to work out that way, often.

4) How did you come to get Padfoot? How did he come to get his name, and did you have any pets prior to him?
I grew up with cats named Dandelion (Dandy) and Azalea, and a dog named Bagel. Azalea died about 12 years ago, Dandy died about 10 years ago, and Bagel died this past summer. I also had random goldfish growing up. When I went to college, my roomie and I got a hamster named Zoey, who (in my opinion) died from microwave radiation and eating paint chips as she swung across the top of her cage like it was monkey bars. When she died, I got Fred and George, two "fancy mice" who were fabulous until their 1-year lifespan was up.

Now, Padfoot. When Rob and I moved in together, it was no secret that we were both pet-people, and we wanted to have a "family" I guess, and we wanted a dog. I searched several different animal shelters and when I saw Padfoot, I just knew he was the one. He got his name from the Harry Potter books. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, is a kind of wizard that can turn into an animal form called an animagus. Sirius's animagus name was Padfoot, and he was a big black dog. Now, Padfoot isn't big (he's about 20 lbs) but he's definitely black.

5) What, at current is the mission you're aiming your life towards?
Right now I'd like to achieve happiness. I've always worked towards this as my final goal, but I'm taking a different approach. Taking life as it comes, and (hopefully, if I don't sleep so much) having more free time to do things I want to do, and more money to make those things happen. In achieving this goal of "happiness" it will probably include me going back to school, and eventually finding Mr. Sweeps Me Off My Feet and making lots of (and by lots of I mean less than three) babies.

latin queen band dork by sara

questions from chapstickqueen

1. How did you manage to make the AmeriCorps stipend work?
Well, I lived at home for almost the first half of my service, so I saved up a little tiny bit of money before I moved out (I still had car, insurance, cell, etc. bills when I lived at home). Then, when I did move out, I haggled down my sublease, was very careful with my AC, didn't buy any new clothes/shoes. I ended up having to get food stamps because it was impossible to eat on what I was making. I used to go "shopping" when I was at my parents house, and come home with a couple of rolls of toilet paper, a box of crackers, and some hotel shampoo. I was fortunate that my parents lived in the same city, as I could always go over there to eat if I needed to, and they were very supportive of me emotionally and financially, paid my insurance, and helped with my car payment one month.

2. If you had the resources, where would you want to live and what would you do there?
I don't know where I'd want to live. Some place with good education and a nice climate. Perhaps the research triangle area. Almost definitely the US. I'd want to do something to make a difference, probably start a volunteer program.

3. Which of your sisters did you get along with better when you were younger and why? Has this changed at all as you've grown?
Hmm. By the time Deborah was a "person" who had coherent thoughts, Vivi had pretty much already moved out, so we never had all three of us at home to take sides or anything. So I have my "Vivi was my sister" time and my "Deborah was my sister" time. I think Vivi and I had more in common and were closer in age. Then again, Deborah and I also have things in common, and we get along fairly well, too. It's pretty balanced. I can say that whenever anyone moved out, we got along better. When Vivi moved out, she and I got along better, and when I moved out, Deborah and I got along better. All four of us get along pretty well now, but being in cramped quarters with them for a week can still be taxing.

4. Would you dye your hair platinum blonde and chemically straighten it for $5,000?

Heck yeah. Assuming there were no stipulations that I had to keep my hair like that for a certain amount of time, definitely.

5. What's your favorite book in the world? And, your favorite poem if you've got one.

The Harry Potter series is like one book with seven installments, and that's my favorite. If it's got to be one book.... Cheaper by the Dozen. I don't really like poetry, but I suppose I've got a certain love for "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.