August 13th, 2006

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No one has posted since 11:23 this morning. I guess I include myself in that bunch, but are our Sundays so much more interesting than the rest of the week that for seven hours, the ~100 people on my friends list are too busy to type? I'm breaking the spell.

I had a fairly enjoyable weekend. Services Friday night were absolutely wonderful (in terms of HPP rising, atleast), and I hung out at/around the synagogue until 10:30 or so. I made myself stay up until 1 am, since my sister Vivi and her boyfriend Alan got in around midnight, and we stayed up talking. We woke up early Saturday morning for services again (although the original purpose for going didn't exist anymore). Deb led P'sukei D'Zimra and Shacharit and I led Musaf (Deb's friend Ashira led the Torah service). The Musaf service is the (short, wimpy, only thing I remembered fully) concluding service, and a fairly familiar prayer "Adon Olam" is at the end. I asked Vivi and Deborah to come up and lead it with me, and we got lots of teary-eyed "look at all the Abrams girls together, leading the song" looks. Awww. There were a bunch of people there, much more than I've seen at a Saturday morning service in a long time. I got to talk to Sarah G for the first time in awhile, and got to find out that her myspace name, "We're moving to Texas" was false.

After services Deborah went shopping with a friend, and the rest of us went to Lake Jackson to pick passion fruit. My father is obsessed with the passion flower, passion fruit, and their history, so it was a bit of a lesson in the hot, hot heat, and lots of climbing through stuff to reach the ripe fruit. Then we drove to Havana to look around(!?!?), and ended up finding a store going out of business, at which I bought a fabulous roman-numeraled clock for my mantle, a neat mirror, and a fake-Coach camera bag for Deborah --it was fifty cents, and I wasn't sure it was fake until I got back home and saw her her real Coach bag "handcrafted in Poland" compared to the camera bag "made in China." Oh well, she still likes it. We also looked in a bunch of furniture stores, and I found something I want-- a coffee table with pull-out, storage-capability ottomans. Too bad the ottomans themselves were $400 each, and the table was much much more. I suppose newspaper ads and goodwill are still my friends, when it comes to furniture.

Then we went to Nicholson's farmhouse, where none of us could finish our food. Even worse, Vivi and Alan shared a meal, and so did my mother and I, and we still couldn't finish it. Twas very good, though, and we turned the leftover steak into stir-fry this evening. After dinner we came back to the house and ended up watching some old videos (Taped by Leon is the best movie ever!), and I went to sleep fairly early, because I'm lame.

This morning we made french toast, and then went shopping for Vivi's birthday present-- pots and pans. I found a set that I'm going to get, as well. My current pots and pans are from a set I got at Wal-Mart my freshman year of college. It was like $15 for set of a large pot, small pot, and large pan, but recently my smaller pot somehow (overnight...) got rusty and nasty, and I don't really like the other ones anyway-- especially not if they are going to rust as well. Yuck. So now that I'm super-rich and stuff (okay, compared to how I was), I'm investing in a nice stainless steel Cuisinart set. It's still not the caliber of fabulous pots and pans I plan to own someday, but is fairly nice, and will be good for me. I'm not going to buy them till I'm moved in so I don't have to move them twice, but I'm glad I found something fairly affordable but nice (I think it was $150 for ten pieces of which four were lids)

We looked for hours. Between Bed, Bath & Beyond and then Sears, I got so sick of pots and pans. I branched out and checked out the vacuum cleaners, but none of them measure up to the cool free one I found by the dumpster ;)

Uhmmm. After looking at cookware for hours, we came back home and I made the previously-mentioned stir-fry, and then we sat around talking for awhile about Harry Potter. I'm so glad that Deborah has turned into a Harry Potter obsessed freak, and we either impressed or frightened the rest of our family by quoting random lines to support our well-researched theories.

Vivi and Alan left about an hour ago, and I'm trying to keep myself up for a couple more hours so my sleep schedule doesn't get screwy. Stupid-having-to-be-at-work-at-seven-ante-meridiem. Psht.

Deborah starts high school tomorrow. I feel old.