July 21st, 2006


Voice Post:

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“So, the good news is that the brakes on Bob work very, very well. I'm very proud of my brakes. The bad news is some dude totally slammed on brakes right in front of me causing me to slam on brakes and the person behind me to slam on brakes. But luckily, all of our brakes work very well, so yay brakes! And I'm alive and everybody's car is OK and nobody even stopped. It was just kinda a pile up of brake-slamming. The first guy was only slamming on his brakes because he had almost missed his turn or something. He's the one I kinda wanna kick right now. But uhm... Yeah, so I'm alive. Feelin' very happy to be alive. Woohoo!

Also, I just got tickets for Sousical(?) tonight which makes me also very happy. So, Ron, if you're hearing/reading this and you didn't get my message earlier, please pick me up at the TLC Box Office around 7:45 or so. And to everybody else, have a good day? Yeah. OK. Have a good day. And be happy to be alive because you didn't almost die because some idiot in a white SUV decided to slam on brakes. Nothing against SUV's. Nothing against the color white. I was just describing it. YOu know?

OK. I'm hanging up now. Seriously. Bye.”

Transcribed by: wolfeskitchen