July 17th, 2006


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I bought two fabulous new suits. Well, one fabulous suit and one above average but not fabulous suit. Going to wear the fabulous one to the job interview I have at 3:30... assuming I can ever get ready if the maintenance guy leaves.

Did I tell you why I need maintenance? See, my floor was wet on Saturday. Since Padfoot was at my parents, I knew it wasn't his fault, ao I was fairly confused. I mopped it up and chalked it up to not drying after I had mopped the day previously. Then, yesterday, much much more water. Apparently it was coming from my AC. Maintenance dude is here now. Hurry and fix it maintenance dude! I plan to leave here at 2:30 at the absolute latest.
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Deborah just called me. From her cell phone. At camp. What a rebel!

Her sport is volleyball. Chug [hoog] (activity) is Ceramics. She sounds like she's having a fun time. I miss camp :(

Here's a Ramah Darom reunion picture. I recognize Josh Pollock (who I knew from UF, not from camp), Jon Cohen, Debbie Kaye, Aaron Alexander, and Ari Kaiman. Anyone recognize anyone else?
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And here's Ali..Shlamowitz? A friend of Vivi's, and her bunk