July 13th, 2006


(no subject)

Turning point? Fork stuck in the road? Roads diverged in a wood?

Unsure about the analogies, just sure that my life has gotten way too complicated, and I'm hyperventilating at my sister's computer at my parents house at 2:23 am.

Ron and I are going to take some time apart, or as I graciously stated in the e-mail telling him this, I am going to take some time apart from him. The issues are immense and have nothing to do with religion, involve no one else, and no fight. I tried to voice it while I was at Ron's earlier, but it doesn't work when the person you're talking to is half-asleep, and it works less when you don't even know what you need to say. The point is, I just need some time away from him to think and live for myself, particularly before entering into a big committment of living together.

I am very lost and confused. I really miss my best friends.