July 12th, 2006

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Is there anyone who actually LIKES the Navigation Bar? I love mine, I've had it since it originally was in it's "beta" version, but suddenly Support has been bombarded with "I HATE THIS, TURN IT OFF" type responses. I guess the bar just went public for everyone

Anyway, if you dislike your navigation strip, here's what we've been basically writing to people....

I apologize that the Navigation Strip was turned back on for your journal automatically. Previously, the navigation strip was still being developed, and users were given a chance to opt into displaying it. Unfortunately, information on users who tried the navigation strip and decided they didn't like it wasn't stored, due to an error in recording user preferences.

Because LiveJournal staff is now comfortable that the navigation strip is ready for production release, they turned it on for all accounts except for the ones that had actively dismissed the "Did you know" box about the navigation strip.

I'm sorry that your preference to not display the navigation strip wasn't stored; this is a one-time situation, and it won't be turned on for youraccount again. You can control your viewing options, including whether or not the navigation strip is displayed, at http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/

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Padfoot (n.) - a funny looking muppet creature, who despite his looks, is smart enough to tear into a bag of dog food and make quite a big mess on the floor.