July 10th, 2006


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Sorry for all the picture spam from Busch Gardens. If you want me to post it all at once, buy me a camera.

We had fun. Only took pictures of the animals (and okay, a stuffed animal that is Padfoot's twin) but we also went on a bunch of rides. The Tidal Wave, Congo river rapids, StanleyFalls Flume, Kumba, the Python, and the Montu. I wanted to ride the Sheikra, but the girls didn't want to-- and then later we saw that they had to stop the ride because of some problem, and I didn't want to ride it after that either.

We got rained out, but it wasn't too terrible, since we were an hour from leaving anyway, and we got three new tickets. Granted, they were only for seven days, so we couldn't go again, but I got them in Andrea and her sisters names so that they could go next week while Andrea is right near there. I overnighted the tickets, but it's going to take two days, which is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

I'm helping Deborah pack today. Well, currently writing in LJ, about to cut her hair, and then helping her pack once her laundry is done. She leaves for camp TOMORROW.

Melissa out.

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Other recent stuff:

~My Aunt Pam is actually a very nice, very funny person, who is not nearly as fussy as I thought her to be several years ago. She's now even in the running for "favorite aunt."
~I finally met [my cousin] Marc's girlfriend Amanda. For about three seconds, anyway, before we left. They showed up right as we were leaving.
~I watched Cars last night with Ron. Good movie :) Pixar has yet to disappoint me.
~I really dislike fast food. A lot. Yick.
~China King's eggplant made my stomach talk VERY LOUDLY for hours, but otherwise did nothing. It wasn't very good. Their other food was good, though. Deb wanted Chinese Food for her birthday, though we stuck the candle in some icecream rather than in the Lo Mein.
~This month's People magazine sort of pretty much sucked.