July 2nd, 2006



After a few days of getting some serious cabin fever, yesterday was comparitively eventful.

You know we went biking. On the bike ride back (while still on bikes), we stopped at a park to eat lunch, got back on our bikes, and then we stopped at Sabrina's new apartment to hang out for a little while. They needed more room with the baby coming (in less than a month!), so they moved out on Woodville Highway, conveniently right across the street from the St. Marks Trail (and conveniently close to Ken's work, of course). The new place is nice and big and makes me realize how much I'm looking forward to moving myself.

After we got back into town, I took a nice long hot shower which was much needed but didn't do anything to alleviate the apparent soreness caused by my bike seat. I'm still in pain, and not where you want to be in pain (haha, "It makes sitting on a broom a right pain in the...!").

Theeeennnn we picked up kasthegirl and went to dinner at Ted's Montana Grill. I don't really recommend it. The food wasn't terrible, but wasn't anything special, either. Our waitress was on crack. I hate it when they try to explain every little bit of history about the restaurant, every weekly and daily special, every bit about butchering cows that they don't understand...Seriously, crazy lady, if you want us to order, you have to give us time to read. The company was nice, though, and I did see Amanda Womble, who is still shrinking. So yay.

Sometimes I feel under-educated around Ron's friends. Not un-intelligent, just under-educated. I shouldn't, because I'm only 21 and shouldn't be done with college yet, anyway, but since most of my friends are older than I am, I do. Yet another reason why I need to go back to school. I could finish in about a year, I think. I don't really care what degree I get anymore.

Anyway, After dropping Kristina off, on a whim Ron and I headed towards Nick and Melissada's place.. when we got there, Melissada let us in, and called to Nick to let us know we were there. Apparently Melissada thought Nick had called and invited us, but no-- we had just shown up. See, earlier that day, apparently Nick and Melissada didn't want to go do something with one of their friends, so they used us as a fake excuse, "No, uh, hmm... we have plans to hang out with Ron and his girlfriend." Well, their plans came true. Makes me totally believe in telepathy and powers of mental connection.

We went to Miller's Ale House. As usual, I drank water (I'm not such a fan of drinking at restaurants, I'm still working on why). It was crazy loud and I was getting tired, so I was glad when we left. Also, Melissada and our waitress were in some sort of silent mental combat. We went back to their place for a few minutes, I got my dose of Vogue (thanks to Melissada), and then we came back here.

Ron's gotten addicted to The Sims 2 recently. I'm a bit less addicted, but he's on quite often. In Sim-life, I just moved in with him and we woo-hooed for the first time. There were fireworks!

Now, Ron's asleep and I'm bored. Part of me wants to take Padfoot to the dog park and the other part wants to go grocery shopping. Neither of those I want to do without Ron, though, so the boy best wake up soon.

I now have sixteen support points and can be found on page seven of the high scores page.