June 29th, 2006


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Ron made me an incredible dinner last night, and replenished some of the food we went through recently. Hence the "best boyfriend" comment. He made me lamb chops, orzo, carrots, corn, and it all looked really amazing.

Unfortunately, I've had a stomachache for the past several days, and last night it was getting worse. Since Ron's cooking looked so good, I ate some, and ended up not being able to keep anything down, and then being in lots and lots of pain. I called my doctors office and got the number for the on-call doctor, who called me back, calmed me down a little bit, asked me about what was going on, and prescribed medicine for the intense pain I was having in my stomach. Ranitidine and Tylenol with Codeine. I went out to get the medicine, and the mean Walgreens Lady was all "it won't be ready for 20 minutes!" so I sat in the parking lot, in pain.

Came home, and after about 30 minutes after taking the medicine I was able to sleep, and the pain mostly subsided.

I took another ranatidine (like zantac) this morning but I'm only going to take the tylenol with codeine if it hurts like it did last night. I'm not excited about the idea of such strong drugs in my body.

I'm supposed to take teapsoon sized sips of water and juicy juice (alternating every five minutes, and call my doctors office back when they get back from lunch at 2 so I can explain the situation.

In other, non-sick news, I applied for about 25 jobs this morning using careerbuilder.com through the Tallahassee Democrat. Lots of good jobs out there. Most of what I applied for was working in the non-profit sector, doing bookkeeping, event coordination, secretarial stuff. I also applied to a few non-non-profit (profit?) places looking for secretaries. I'm excited about three main ones: bookkeeping for Girl Scouts of America, bookkeeping for Heritage Oaks, and administrative assistant for Muscular Dystrophy. Here's hoping :)