June 4th, 2006


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So all the federal jobs I found were for "physician" or "forester," neither of them what I need.

Fabulous news, though. The MDA Event Coordinator job I talked about weeks ago was reposted yesterday, so obviously they haven't found someone yet!

*Here's hoping that they will actually answer me this time, and like me enough to wait till July 22 to hire!*
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famous brother and stuff

I'm famous by proxy, because Matthew has an mp3 of an interview. He's like JK Rowling or something!

It's here!

Thanks for the link, Emily. My brother didn't think it was important to tell anyone about.

I can't listen to it on my mom's computer, but it's about StarClimber, the Space Elevator that Matthew (tevarin) and Alan (metahoss) been working on. For more information go to the website, http://www.starclimber05.com