June 3rd, 2006


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In defense of Ron's honor:

He's a wonderful man, we talked it out, and we made up. Everyone makes different observations and judgements in their lifetimes, and everyone fights and says things that they don't mean. We still have things to talk about and things to work out, but I'm no longer upset or mad at Ron or about the argument we had.

The end.

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I have the worst headache ever.

I started to watch Stick It. Yes, bad idea to begin with, but then the beginning is all loud music behind talking, the type that you have to strain to understand. Plus there was background noise and ugh... it seriously hurt my head to listen to it. Despite that, I do kind of want to see the movie, just apparently when I'm in a better mood.

I've been craving grilled cheese for like three days. I think I need some grease. And perhaps wonderbread. Recently I've been eating a lot of salad, seaweed, and soybeans, in so many forms possible. It wasn't really a purposeful thing, it was just what I felt like eating. I think I over-health fooded myself. Problem is, I don't have any unhealthy food in my apartment. Bread itself is nowhere to be found, and I'm way too lazy and way too unclothed to go buy myself some.

And so I sit, craving grilled cheese, with a terrible headache.

But life isn't all bad. It's actually not bad at all. Tomorrow I plan to look for some federal jobs, since I get an "edge" from being a VISTA. I found my copy of the Sims and made a mockup of my apartment for next year. And the kicker, I can count.

I may be from Florida, but I have been blessed with intelligence. I'm not bragging at all when I say this, I am thanking.

I'm working with a 15-year old girl at BL Perry. She's on an extremely low level. She can carry on a simple conversation, but cannot add 5+2. She can count with you to seven. She can touch each block an get to seven. She can count out five blocks and two blocks with my help. She can count them all together. Most of the time. "Count out six blocks" and you may get anything. "Hand me three bears" and you get a handful. Interruption in the middle of counting? Let's say there are seven blocks there. "One, two *SNEEZE* one two three four five. Five" It's frustrating, for sure, but you're not allowed to be frustrated.

My point is, I'm glad I'm able to function as an adult. Even if my life is sometimes screwy and out of sorts, and I get headaches from stupid teen movies I shouldn't have watched in the first place.