May 17th, 2006


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So, at Silver Slipper, you get your own little dining area, closed curtain and all. Of course, the incredibly overpriced food doesn't even include a vegetable, and the salad looks to be straight-out-of-the-bag, but whatever. And the lamp was falling apart. But other than that, it was actually pretty cool. I guess the purpose of the "let's eat at a restaurant where we have never eaten before" is to find which ones you want to go back to. I'm going to go with "not Silver Slipper."

Do any Tallahassee people have restaurants they would like to recommend? Non-chains, preferably.

So far I can only think of one place I want to go that neither of us have been. That one will start the list. Comment, and add to it.

1. Clusters and Hops
2. Food Glorious Food Ron's been there
3. Angelo's
4. Georgio's
5. Far Easy
6. Chez Pierre
7. Cabos Tacos (breakfast)
8. Au Peche Mignon
9. There is a french place out by gilcrest school that does a great lunch.
10.Mom & Dads
11.Melissa's (in Thomasville)
12.Albert's Provence
13.Mon Père et Moi

(contributers to the list so far are: