March 11th, 2006

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Sister Bear Goodness. I threw myself at her!

Caillou also showed up, and some character from In Between The Lions. Mr. McFeeley had to cancel, but I got a book called "Speedy Delivery." I also went through my first tour of the bookmobile, and saw the memory that I wrote posted on the 50th anniversary display. Only ten or so were up there, so I felt special :) Otherwise, the thing kind of sucked. By "refreshments" they meant "cake that will be gone by 11" (which is when I got there) Leon's Steel Drum band played, which was kind of cool. I saw the table that the Family Learning Center had set up, so that made me feel all special. I had to leave at 12 (which is when it was over anyway) because I had a workshop at the other library.

The workshop was good. Three families, so sort of small, but I had the cutest twins ever. I was glad it stayed small, as I had no volunteer help. My FSU volunteers were out of town (Spring Break) and Sarah was feeling kind of sick and opted out of going.

I have turkey sandwiches left over, and my partially dried hair that I slept on when I got home somehow looks FABULOUS. However, I have no one to share with and nothing to do. I'm probably going to go meet my mom's friend and her new boyfriend at my parents house. I hear there are free eggrolls. Too bad I don't like eggrolls.

Alright, peace, kids.