February 23rd, 2006


(no subject)

I am 21.25 today. This year is going by awfully fast.

I cannot wait till the 26th when I have minutes again. I feel bad just waiting till 9 pm to return all the calls I've gotten during the day-- except for those lucky Verizon customers that I can speak to all-day-every-day if I so choose.

I'm going to Niceville this weekend. Rather, Saturday night and Sunday. Leaving after my 'Let's Read Together' kickoff workshop number 2, and coming back after a day of window shopping (but don't let me buy anything) in Outlet Mall Heaven a.k.a. Destin.

Padfoot's going to have a slumber party with Kelev at the parents house, methinks. Unless someone specifically wants to take care of him?

I am woozy on tylenol, which is why my paragraphs are more like sentences and my thoughts are half finished.

Sorry I haven't updated much recently. I have been both sick and occupied. You'll get over it, I promise.