January 29th, 2006

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Today I had big plans, but the rain canceled them. Crap.

So I'm left to sit and reflect on my life. For the purpose of not making this a billion years long, I'm going to leave out BOYS.

Regional Latin Forum. I ended up scoring Orations instead of Dramatic Interpretations. With Dramatic Interps, you hear the same thing over and over again, and not speaking Latin fluently, I'm unable to hear certain inflections in what they are saying. Of course, they don't hear it either. Still, it was a fun catergory to judge because it was *my* catergory. Orations are different. They're different, written by the speaker, and meant to convince you of something by using a certain format. I did a dramatic Interpretation in 9th grade and enjoyed it, and didn't learn how to write an oration until 10th grade. At that point, I didn't want to change my "subject" so I didn't begin writing orations-- though I can tell you I was much applauded for the one written in class. We (Sara and I) listened to all of the TWO Orations, and judged them. Of course, it was fairly late by then because we had spent time reading Cyrano DeBergerac while waiting for them to come to he door-- when it turns out they were waiting outside for us. Oh well. BTW.. Cyrano.. did he end up with his cousin? Roxane? Neither of us had really read it before, and from the excerpts we read it seemed as if he would. Anyway, after Cyrano and the Orations, We went down to watch Olympika. Sara left shortly after, and I watched Olympika with my mom for awhile, and then Certamen was starting. I was a groupie for my little sister's Cobb team for awhile. Before the matches, I coached them a little bit. It was really neat to have them all listening to me and wanting to learn the wealth of knowledge (ha! compared to them...) I had on the subject. They played their rounds, and then I talked to their teacher, who a) was delighted to hear that I wanted to coach the kids in Certamen, and b) said she was not planning on taking them to state. WHAT! I offered to do all the paperwork and everything necessary so that they could go. Missing out on State would suck butt, and it's not going to happen! Anyway, assuming I can use the buzzer system from Godby, I plan to have Certamen practice on Thursday afternoons after they get out of school. Maybe if they get good enough, I'll convince McCaskill that it's worth it, and the kids will GO TO STATE! After talking to her, I sent the Cobb team to watch a match between Leon and Rickards, Advanced (scary match). Then scored a match for where Justin was moderating. Then hung talked to Justin, Cobb team, etc. for alittle while, and then it was off to the awards ceremony, where everyone had apparently decided they didn't want to do anything with SCL after Regionals... which I had been looking forward to. So, sucky.

You know my evening yesterday, so I don't even need to go there.

Americorps. Well, Americorps doesn't have that much effect on my daily life. My daily life is determined by Literacy Volunteers of Leon County (LVLC). I'm not working the intense schedule that I used to, but I'm also not as happy with my volunteering. It feels like I'm slacking off, because I'm giving 95% instead of the 200% I've been giving for the past six months. I almost want to go back to giving the 200% that I'm used to, even though it leaves me no time for anything else, makes me physically sick, and was very, very stressful. Atleast I felt like I was making a difference. Now, I'm less of a difference-maker, and it's sad. I think I'll volunteer at a homeless shelter or do something different once a week. On my own time. Not enough to make me sick, but enough that I feel better about myself. I think when I became a VISTA I took an oath to make a difference. An oath to myself. I want to uphold it.

Family. Family relations are good. Deb's still spending the night next Wednesday. I see my family 2-3 times a week. I go over for dinner or something, or need to do my laundry (heh). I think we're all getting along better since I moved out, though I can see there's definitely still turmoil, considering there's a thirteen year old girl in the house. Looking forward to see my little grown-up of a niece on Passover, though it still seems months away.

Okay, I'm done. All written out. Now going to go read, since my day is shot. Stupid rain.