January 25th, 2006


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Killearn Liquors:
Chris Aiello of Premier Beverage Company will present wines from the
company's portfolio during a free tasting at the store, 2695 Capital
Circle N.E., from 5:30 to 7 p.m. today. Among other wines, guests will
taste Australian Shiraz, California Petit Syrah, Spanish Rioja. For more
information, call 894-4544.

Anyone in?

Also, my mommy didn't win the award:( She did get a wonderful plaque, though. Since there were no winners at my table, the person with a star on the back of their program got to keep the flowers. That's me, so yay :)

Also, I now officially like mushrooms. I never did in the past, but now I do. Tastes change. No, they will never change to tofu.

I just rolled up all my change. Unfortunately I had *just under* the right amount for quarters and nickles. I guess I'll ait and save those (or now that I have a key to the laundry room, I can actually use the washers and stuff in there!)