January 19th, 2006


(no subject)

I just took this quiz. It's on the nine muses. I realized as I was taking it that each question was leading me towards a different muse, and there were only five questions. The only thing about each question that stayed the same is when I saw anything having to do with poetry I was like, "ich! not me." So then I get my answer and I'm Calliope. Muse of petry. Not. If there are nine different muses one can be, it needs ten questions-- or maybe it's a knowledge problem. If I didn't know the muses so well I wouldn't have been like, "no, no, thats Clio, so it can't be me..."

My points:
a) Not impressed with the quiz
b) Have characteristics of several muses.
c) Not specifically interested in any one "art."