January 15th, 2006

chicken nugget toes

I have a bunch to say. Gonna have to organize this.

My social timeline is now working. Sometimes they just take away all my "how do you know" stories, and it sucks. I like the Social Timeline because it makes me see where I messed up. Like, in 2004 it said I lived with Casey and Stefanie. I had messed up Andrea's dates (said we lived in Sterling from 02 to 03) and only put in Rawlings for Kim-- but if I lived with Stefanie I certainly lived with Kim as well. (Andrea, Casey and I shared an apt. Stefanie, Kim, and another girl shared an apt). Enough about facebook.

On SATC the girls always look younger than they are. This is a result of botox, good genes, computer technology, and lots of makeup. However, you can always see their true ages by looking at their hands. Carrie, in particular, has old looking hands. I noticed that Charlotte does too. I don't know so much about the other two, I think maybe we just don't see their hands as much.

Secret Single Routine
I ate chocolate last night. I bought myself some Kit-Kats "just in case" because they were on sale. That was a week ago, and I've gone through atleast half the bag, and it gets worse. It's late-night/middle of the night eating. I've taken to eating an orange, some string cheese, and a couple kit-kat bars when I go to bed. Then I eat the orange, while waiting for the string cheese to get softer (it doesn't string well when it's really cold). Then I check the string cheese, blow on it, and squeeze it for a little while until its softer. Then I put it down, eat the kit-kat, and by the time I'm done, the cheese is in perfect stringability. It's the weirdest SSR (secret single routine) I've ever had. Except now it's not a secret. Whoops.

What's wrong with me?
I think that out of nowhere, my body has decided to start freaking out or something. Every once in awhile (and I can pinpoint it to a certain time of the month) I'll just start crying, and have no idea why. I'll just suddenly be in this really depressed mood. It happened yesterday, and after eating I felt much better (thanks, J), but I don't know why it's going on. It's never because of a certain person or event or anything! I really would like to figure out the cause though, because I hate feeling like that.

Life as of recent
I saw Brokeback Mountain yesterday with Sara, and it was incredibly fabulous (Tut, I can't wait to see it with you, too). I saw an assumedly straight father/husband from my synagogue go in with a guy, with whom he seemed very close. Uh.. I bought three hideous ties for fishonfoot's birthday, and one fabulous red purse for me. I saw Elizabeth George. I wandered in a Catholic Book/Gift store. I hung out with Justin. I watched football (wtf, Mel?). I did my laundry. I ate chicken soup. I decided to buy a microwave (but didn't yet)

Monday we commemorate MLK, Jr, a Day ON, not a Day OFF
With that in mind, I will be cleaning up Tom Brown Park with my fellow VISTA members, Alden and Sarah. We are trying to get a couple more people to come out with us to help. It should be a good time and also helping the community. We are making lunch for everyone who attends, so if for no other reason, come for the free sandwiches!. We are meeting at the children's playground at Tom Brown Park at 11 AM