January 14th, 2006

papa bear

(no subject)

I'm in Justin's office. I just saw how a video booth works. Now I get to sit here, which is incredible great fun.

I mean, not that it's not cool that I'm in the courthouse in his office, with like.. no one else here, it's just.. sheesh. What could he possibly do here 60 hours a week? ;)

I'd just spin in the chair all day long. Same chairs as the library, which makes sense. Also same phone system. Also makes sense.

Laaa de da.

(no subject)

There's a very strong smell in this whole area that reminds me of something, but I can't figure out what. Justin says its from a cleaning product, but it smells rosy/fruity. I want to say late high school/early college, but I have no idea where I actually know the smell from, just that it's very very familiar. Aaaaa.

I wish it would come to me!

Also, chalk up for Tuttle. She knows why.