January 13th, 2006


Dinner Party [#1]

This is for all of you.

nikita9041 - Sabrina
fishonfoot - Ken
beckyaya - Audrey
reamens - Justin
pandora48sch - Sara
rberrien28 - Bobby

Indira does not have a livejournal, because she sucks.
You obviously all know me.

I hope everyone had a good time. I had a *fantastic* time. There's nothing better than food, board (electronic?) games, and two batteries in a hairband.

Who is ready to make this an every-Thursday-thing?
dance all funky like, dance all funky

Today in a nutshell.. not in order

  • (Got paid yesterday)
  • Got Sprint check ($175.94 that they owed me -- or possibly not owed me, they may have given me that much as a credit for the termination fee.. twice)
  • Deposited my two gas checks (3 weeks, $90)
  • Dad gave me money for gas. Much more than I expected (I had told him i was keeping the change from his $5 bill that he gave Deb to rent a movie with.. then he gave me much more out of nowhere)
  • Free dinner at my parents house (Shabbat.. Chicken soup)
  • leftover challah for Melissa!
  • watched one of my favorite movies, and introduced my mom, sister, and her friend to it (Saved)
  • came up with a VISTA project for Monday with my coworkers and had a fabulous time hanging out at the Perry branch with Sarah and Alden for a few hours
  • office gossip. always fun.
  • mint chocolate chip icecream. mmmm.

SO yeah. Pretty much an awesome day.