January 11th, 2006

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I'm not sure whether I am happy or sad about this.

I used to write down all the funny, weird things that I wanted to
share in LJ. I'd get to a computer pronto so I could type them up, and
I'd have a daily record of things that went on in my life, and I'd be
able to remember specific days from the past, and I pretty much
recorded everything.

Now.. I don't. By the time I have time to update, I've forgotten
things from throughout the day, and then even if I remember long
portions and conversations from the day, I don't want to relive it as
I type it again.

So, I think I have more of a life now.. but less of a life record. Make sense?

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  • I did some friends list cleaning. it doesn't really apply to anyone reading this. Just removed some old journals.
  • Today was a hella long day, but good (from 6:30 on, anyway)
  • I am not an old maid. Its true that I'm not getting any younger. Good news is, you're not supposed to.
  • It smelled like smoke in my apartment when I came home tonight. It kind of freaked me out. I don't smoke. None of my friends smoke. Only person who could have done it is Padfoot, and we already talked about that, many times. It's never too late to talk to your child about smoking. Could it have been a maintenance person? They were supposed to come paint my door and leave me a laundry key. They didn't do either, but how else could the smoke smell be in my apt?
  • I need to get on that whole "clipping Padfoot's other foot" thing.
  • I want a smoothie.

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If you haven't updated within a couple of weeks, I may have nudged you. Or, if I want you to update more. Yay new LJ features. It feels like facebook-poking.

I get paid in three minutes. I hopefully also have a check coming within a few days. And then I have a $30 gas check in my purse I need to deposit. I'm scared to spend money because I don't know how much utilities are going to be, still. 8 days cost me $15, but that was before the days of the computer. SO, I'm scared. No money spending for me!

La. De. Da.

I need to go to bed.