January 10th, 2006


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People tend to surround themselves with people like them, and tend to compete in the things that they are good at. Because of this, we are constantly comparing ourselves to people who are good at what we do. So lets say you're in band, and you're last chair flute out of the ten flutes.

News flash: 1000 people go to your school. On flute, you are probably better than atleast 980 of them (assuming there are some flute players who aren't in band).

But, because you ARE in band, and you ARE last chair, you still feel inferior.

This is just an example. Ish. It relates.

Theres a girl in my building who is a FANTASTIC flute player. She's probably a music major. She practices often, and when my windows are open, I can hear her well. When I think about how I play compared to how she plays, I feel badly about my playing. And then today, I realized that there are 36 apartments here, many of them fdouble and even triple occupied. Let's say 70 people live here minimum. I am *probably* the second best flute player here.

This was all psychologically deep a few minutes ago when I was composing this entry.

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*Melissa calls Aras*
Aras: OMG! I was just about to IM you! I had already opened the IM window!
Melissa: Weird! What's up?
Aras: Oh, I was just going to tell you to call me
Melissa: Well, I did! Hey, do you know where Indira is? I've been trying to get in touch with her forever"
Aras: Nope, but you know how she is, not answering her phone and stuff.
*Indira beeps into call*
Melissa: Aras, I gotta go! It's her!
*Melissa clicks over*
Melissa: Hey, whats up! I've been trying to get in touch with you, I was just telling Aras
Indira: Aras? I was just thinking about him
Melissa: Okay, it's time for a three way call, hold on
*Melissa three-ways Aras*
Melissa, Aras, and Indira: Hey, hello, coincedental, bizarre...