January 9th, 2006


Jaunte plumerai le tet

It's been awhile since I actually talked about "my night" or "what I did." I know its annoying, but I like to vary my posts. Ish.

Tonight, it was a barbeque at nikita9041 and fishonfoot's place. We ate hotdogs, played Scene It (I rock for the Some Like It Hot scene!) played some Mario Party, and did wickedly fun games of Taboo. Gosh I love Taboo :) Many hilarious moments, like Indira answering "ho" out of nowhere, renditions of Murray the Rabbit Boy and Alouette, and then Dips screaming, "NO NO NO WE CAN'T SING THAT TONIGHT." I mentioned recently that I love my friends. Let me reinforce that. No one else has nights like ours. Never so much blatant innuendo. And who out of all of you have ever looked up the antonym for 'nympho'?

I also made up with another friend, which is nice. Things are much much better now.

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My hair is still up from this morning when I put it back to wash my face. It would have taken seven seconds to take it down. I didn't have an extra seven seconds today.

The look was nice, though. Swept back hair and a slightly off the shoulder shirt make for ballerina lookingness. So cool.

I also wore my new plaid pants.

I am avoiding talking about THE NIGHT FROM HELL. Can you tell?

I set up billpay with wachovia for my utilities. Does anyone else use this?